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Bernard Rasmussen grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis MN with his 8 awesome siblings. Bernard knew that he wanted to work in the film and television industry after finding a love for photography in high school. He moved to Ventura CA in 2002 to attend brooks institute of Photography. He graduated in 2005 and began producing music videos with his college friends. This same year bernard was offered a job as a Location Manager on a feature film called One Wish. After completing this film, Bernard vowed to never work in locations again. Fast forward to 2009, bernard freshly laid off from his stage Manager position, Bernard's arch nemesis from college called him and asked if he would help him in the Locations Department on a feature film in Santa Barbara. Bernard, not being a fan of boredom, took his nemesis' offer and had one of his best experiences to date. Him and his nemesis are also great friends now. Bernard has been working continuously as a location manager ever since.

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